Temporal issues: Inside-out, outside-in.

Greenwood, Sallie (2003) Temporal issues: Inside-out, outside-in. International Conference in Critical Psychology, Bath, UK, 27-31 August 2003.

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While the decentered discursive subject is said to be the sum of significatory processes, others argue that the subject is never totally constituted or as Daly (1999) puts it “will always be a signifier short of a full representation” (p76). The subject on this view rather than being interpellated is driven towards subjective identification as a defence against ‘not being’ while at the same time taking pleasures that are beyond signification. This is the Lacanian play between subject and subjectification, a play that insists on a plurality of contextualised responses to a universal real. Yet, that real is accessed through significatory processes, an always deferred access. For some writers this has made the notion of an internal space superfluous. However, Judith Butler (1997) suggests that the problem of understanding the subject as either internally or externally produced is a temporal one, and as such is imponderable. While some writers see discursive ideas and psychoanalytic ideas as mutually exclusive, others argue for a subject who is both discursively and psychically produced as a way of opening further possibilities for resistance. In my PhD studies around maternal subjectivity I am working with the idea of mutually constituting mechanisms. Pursuing this position has taken me outside the discipline of psychology to media and literary studies where semiotic ideas co-exist with psychoanalytic ones. This paper will discuss some of the theoretical issues I have been grappling with.

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