International student satisfaction: The importance of eliciting help

Ryan, Jonathon (2018) International student satisfaction: The importance of eliciting help. ALANZ 2018, Hamilton, NZ, December 1st, 2018.

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Enquiries into the (dis)satisfaction of international students reveal important insights into their experience, and may be a partial predictor of academic success, student retention, and word-of-mouth promotion. Previous studies have revealed tendencies for satisfaction across a number of areas (e.g. academic achievement) but also a range of stressors (e.g. loneliness), suggesting appropriate responses and interventions from staff and institutions. The present study aimed to build on such findings in the context of vocational education within NZ. To this end, 110 students at one tertiary institution completed narrative frames discussing top-of-mind issues in relation to their (dis)satisfaction with their classes, the institution and NZ in general. Twenty participants also participated in extended, open interviews. In the findings reported here, particular attention is drawn to the socioemotional factors associated with satisfaction, and to the practical hurdles that underlie many of the reports of dissatisfaction. Drawing particularly on the interview data, we illustrate the crucial importance of students’ searches for help. These can occur at pivotal moments in the sojourning experience and may have a profound socioemotional effect. Successful searches, particularly those ‘going above and beyond,’ often engender highly positive feelings, while the sense of being denied help can be embittering. The talk concludes with a discussion of language teaching implications, and in particular the importance of raising awareness of the preference for eliciting offers of help rather than requesting help.

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