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1Effect of cooking processes on the stability of DNA in GM food626
2High resolution melting analysis as a novel DNA assay for meat speciation580
3Effect of storage regime on the stability of DNA used as a calibration standard for real-time polymerase chain reaction563
4Manhood threatened: Could estrogenic pesticides affect male fertility?540
5Estrogenic pyrethroid pesticides regulate expression of estrogen receptor transcripts in mouse Sertoli cells differently from 17β–estradiol527
6Deletion mapping of genetic regions associated with apomixes in Hieracium467
7Cooking DNA: The effect of 'domestic' cooking methods on detection of GM potato462
8Preliminary development and validation of a real-time reverse transcription PCR assay for the semi-quantification of viable Campylobacter jejuni in water samples433
9New, portable and cost-effective AFLP genotyping system for the Campylobacteraceae416
10Concurrent identification and typing of Campylobacteraceae (Campylobacter and Arcobacter species) by a novel AFLP method408