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Peter Maulder
Academic Staff Member
School of Sport and Exercise Science
Waikato Institute of Technology

Sports Biomechanics, Injury Biomechanics, Research Methods, Physical Conditioning

2011 AUT University - Doctor of Philosophy 2010 Waikato Institute of Technology - Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education 2005 AUT University - Master of Health Science Honours (Second Class, First Division) 2003 AUT University - Bachelor of Sport and Recreation

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  1. Chair of the scientific programme committee for the 27th International Symposium for Physical Activity and Fitness Research (ICPAFR)
  2. The effects of plyometric training on sprint performance: A review of the literature
  3. A biomechanical comparison of the foot strike between running in Vibram Fivefingers® shoes and barefoot
  4. The locomotive requirements during Rugby Union competition: A review of the literature
  5. The acute effects of post activation potentiation on sprint performance: A review of the literature
  6. The effects of start position on sprint performance: A review of the literature
  7. The validity and reliability of a sport specific Yo-Yo intermittent endurance test to predict the maximal oxygen consumption of national representative level Rugby League players
  8. Do acute assisted sprinting interventions have a beneficial impact on acute sprint performance? A review of the literature.
  9. Effects of caffeine and carbohydrate mouth rinses on repeated sprint performance
  10. Dominant limb asymmetry associated with prospective injury occurrence

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3Effect of biological movement variability on the performance of the golf swing in high and low handicapped players387
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7Kinematic alterations due to different loading schemes in early acceleration sprint performance from starting blocks332
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9Dominant limb asymmetry greater than 10% during unanticipated agility performance is associated with prospective injury occurrence316
10Core-training using the Bodywall™ training system versus a conventional gym-based approach: Effects on core endurance308