Xavier Meade

Principal Academic and Researcher

school of media arts


Masters in Architecture

Latest Additions

  1. Paton, Kim and Mandelberg, John and Meade, Xavier and McBride, Chris and Phillips, John (2014) 4x3: Poster Project. Ramp Press, Print House, Hamilton, New Zealand. ISBN 978-0-473-29922-4
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  3. Meade, Xavier and Lopez Hernandez, Flor de Lis (2015) Kiwi and Cuban Ecological Images / Imágenes Ambientales Kiwi y Cubanas. Wintec and ISDi, Hamilton NZ.
  4. Meade, Xavier and Reed, Michael (2013) Whakawhiti/Exchange. Impact 8, Dundee, Scotland , 23 August – 1 September 2013.
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  6. Meade, Xavier (2014) Research Forum Presentation. Wintec Research Forum, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2014. (Unpublished)
  7. Meade, Xavier (2014) 50 YEAR MIX A Selection of Works from the University of Waikato Art Collection Exhibition dates: 14th February 2014 – 17th May 2014. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.
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