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  1. Minding the gap? What gap? Potholes, thresholds and the ever-waiting abyss.
  2. Ngaio Marsh's New Zealand Gothic
  3. Minding the gap: writing across thresholds and faultines
  4. Voyaging the gap: Scandinavian sagas of migration to New Zealand, 1860-1890
  5. Minding the gap, conference of the AAWP
  6. Co-Editors of Meniscus Literary Journal Volume 2 Issue 2
  7. “The saga night that sends dreams to our earth”: Scandinavian connections with New Zealand in literature
  8. Scholarly review of: The secret diary of James Cook: a novel,by Graeme Lay
  9. Hamilton Gardens festival of the arts readers and writers week, 2013.
  10. The Encounters: Place, situation, context papers—the refereed proceedings of the 17th Conference of the Australasian Association of writing programs, 2012

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1Fables from Wind: What stories about the wind teach us to communicate761
2Bedtime stories or professional protocol: Is reading the canon still an expectation of the New Zealand tertiary sector?714
3Madcap pace and flawless timing652
4Book review: Afterwards 650
5Book review with Gail Pittaway: The garden in the clouds647
6Margins of memory; Margins and memory636
7Eating words or fusion writing? Food writing as symptom of future directions636
8Good vibrations bring sexual and emotional emancipation632
9Reader, I murdered him: Women as consumers and creators of crime fiction619
10POPCAANZ Cooking with gas: Celebrity chefs before the media went mass603