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John Mandelberg
Tutor, Moving Image
School of Media Arts, Moving Image,
Waikato Institute of technology

Documentary Filmmaking

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  1. Moving image end of year showcase 2nd year, 3rd year & post graduate screening
  2. From autistic to artistic: An artist’s developmental pathway through the health and disability sector
  3. Seven Jewish children, a play for Gaza
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  6. Watani Habibi: My beloved homeland [Short film]
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  9. Technology to enhance learning with students with disabilities
  10. Les Technologies d'assistance: Et alors? / Technologies support: So what?

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2Watani Habibi: My Beloved Homeland (Work-in-progress)515
3Bulat Galeyev SOVIET FAUST Leon Theremin-pioneer of Electronic Art translated from the Russian by Salley Brown499
4"Conversations Between Theremin and Soprano": An audio-video Synaesthetic work by composer David Sidwell and film maker John Mandelberg487
5Lewis Morley, Photographer475
6Synaesthesia & an interview with the author, Bulat Galeyev462
7ros bandt sound sculptor441
8Watani Habibi: My beloved homeland [Short film]419
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