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  1. Literacy and numeracy (LN) progress at Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) for 2012 and 2013
  2. Describing a vocational educator's pedagogical constructs: A co-constructed account
  3. Developing a scenario-based approach to address learners' literacy and numeracy needs
  4. Tracking performance data for the Certificate in Introduction to Trades (Level 2)
  5. Trends in literacy and numeracy delivery at Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) for 2012 and 2013
  6. Report on literacy, numeracy and self-efficacy ratings for Building and Construction Students (TE0905) for 2013
  7. Improving outcomes for hairdressing students in pre-apprenticeship training: A collaborative account of three stages in an action research project
  8. Final report on Building and Construction Project: Developing literacy and numeracy within a scenario-based intervention
  9. Triangulating a vocational tutor's and her learners' meaning-making on a pre-apprenticeship hairdressing programme in the tertiary sector
  10. Eliciting and laddering prospective language teachers' classroom-related constructs

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1Reflecting on the who-am-I? Essay as an integrative learning experience for adult learners919
2Raising a literacy-embedding team's awareness of their meaning-making: A constructivist approach517
3Managing “at risk” business students: Statistical analysis of student data profiles443
4Leadership panel: Enabling management for making a difference419
5Aligning the activities in the literacy-embedding value chain at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec)408
6Managing "at risk" students and pass rates with SPSS402
7Die rol van taalvaardigheid in die verband tussen matriek en universiteitsprestasie van swart eerstejaarstudente / The role of language proficiency in the relationship between year 13 and university performance of black first-year students397
8Implementing the Tertiary Education Commission's literacy and numeracy assessment tool at an ITP: The evolving picture394
9Developing language learners' applied competence: Language as a strategic resource363
10Book review: Beyond expression: A systematic study of the foundations of linguistics: Albert J Weideman343