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Bannister, Matthew (2007) Adorno is a punk rocker - negation and 80s alternative rock music. In: Sounds and selves: Selected proceedings from the 2005 IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference. International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, pp. 82-90. ISBN 9780975774717

Bannister, Matthew (2009) Being in time: Heidegger, handlability, creative research and popular music. In: Stuck in the Middle: the Mainstream and its Discontents: Selected Proceeedings of the 2008 IASPM-ANZ Conference. IASPM-ANZ, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, pp. 6-11. ISBN 978-0-9581497-1-6

Bannister, Matthew (2010) Boys and girls come out to play: Gender and music-making in Hamilton, New Zealand/Aotearoa. Genders, 52 . ISSN 1936-3249

Bannister, Matthew (2012) "But I can write songs okay": Male voices in New Zealand alternative rock. In: Perspectives on Males and Singing. Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education (10). Springer, London, England, pp. 259-270. ISBN 9789400726598

Bannister, Matthew (2011) The Changing Same. [Composition]

Bannister, Matthew and Long, Jason (2013) Evolver. [Audio]

Bannister, Matthew (2010) Gender agendas: Researching women musicians in Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand. In: What's it worth?: 'Value' and Popular Music: Selected papers from the 2009 IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference. IASPM-ANZ, Dunedin, New Zealand, pp. 6-10. ISBN 9780958149723

Bannister, Matthew (2007) Getting connected: Pakeha masculine identities in a global context. New Zealand Journal of Counselling, 27 (2). ISSN 1171-0365

Bannister, Matthew (2010) "Going out to everyone"? Bic Runga as a "New Zealand" artist. In: Many voices: Music and national identity in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, pp. 84-92. ISBN 9781443821247

Bannister, Matthew (2011) Habitus and creativity in popular music. In: Bourdieu hui@Waikato, 15 November, 2011, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Unpublished)

Bannister, Matthew (2011) Happy Camping: The Topp Twins perform Aotearoa/New Zealand. Instruments of Change . pp. 15-20.

Bannister, Matthew (2013) Happy campers: The Topp Twins, queerness and New Zealand identity. In: Situating Popular Musics: IASPM 16th International Conference Proceedings. IASPM.

Bannister, Matthew (2010) 'I'm Set Free...': The Velvet Underground, 1960s counterculture, and Michel Foucault. Popular Music and Society, 33 (2). pp. 163-178. ISSN 0300-7766

Bannister, Matthew (2012) ‘Isn’t he a bit like you and me?’ Nowhere Boy and the feminised rock biopic. Screen Education (68). pp. 123-127. ISSN 1449-857X

Bannister, Matthew and Lennon, John and McCartney , Paul (2014) Kiwi Hit Disc 168 - "Tommorrow Never Knows". [Audio]

Bannister, Matthew (2005) Kiwi blokes: Recontextualising white New Zealand masculinities in a global setting. Genders OnLine, 42 .

Bannister, Matthew (2006) ‘Loaded’: Indie guitar rock, canonism, white masculinities. Popular Music, 25 (1). pp. 77-95. ISSN 0261-1430

Bannister, Matthew and Comer, Joel (2014) "Make Up My Mind" by the Changing Same. [Moving image]

Bannister, Matthew and Long, Jason and Macpherson, Kent (2013) Make up my mind. [Composition]

Bannister, Matthew and Judge, Paul (2013) Music for "Don Driver: Magician" documentary, directed by Paul Judge. [Performance]

Bannister, Matthew (2014) River City Sound Sessions Volume 3. [Performance]

Bannister, Matthew (2013) Theories of creativity – Bolt, Heidegger and Deleuze and Guattari. ANZAAE Journal, 23 (1).

Bannister, Matthew (2014) “We got nothing but time”: Duration, systems theory and musical creativity. [Paper presented at a conference, workshop, or other event which was not published in the proceedings] (Unpublished)

Bannister, Matthew (2012) "We hope you will enjoy the show": Sgt Pepper as camp entertainment. In: Routes, Roots and Routines: Selected papers from the 2011 Australia/New Zealand IASPM Conference. IASPM. ISBN 9780975774755

Bannister, Matthew (2008) Where’s Morningside? Locating bro’Town in the ethnic genealogy of New Zealand/Aotearoa. New Zealand Journal of Media Studies, 11 (1). ISSN 1173-0811

Bannister, Matthew (2006) White boys, white noise: Masculinities and 1980s indie guitar rock. Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series . Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, United Kingdom. ISBN 9780754651901

Bannister, Matthew (2007) White boys, white noise: Masculinities in 1980s alternative guitar rock. In: Experience Music Project's 2007 Pop Conference, 19-22 April, 2007, Seattle, Washington.

Bannister, Matthew (2014) You can look but you better not touch. Ramp Press, Hamilton.

Bannister, Matthew (2008) "You’ll only end up like Rimbaud…. In: Music on the edge : selected papers from 2007 IASPM Australia/New Zealand Conference. IASPM Australia/New Zealand, Dunedin, New Zealand, pp. 2-8. ISBN 9780975774724

Bannister, Matthew (2006) A thing well made? NZ settler identity and Pakeha masculinity in the work of Don McGlashan. Perfect Beat: The Pacific Journal of Research into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture , 8 (1). pp. 22-49. ISSN 1038-2909

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