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Long, Jason (2012) The Border. Fiercely Independent Records, 2012. (Unpublished)

Long, Jason (2012) Born Again. UNSPECIFIED, 2012.

Long, Jason (2016) Bowie Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist: BOWIE, The Metero, Hamilton, New Zealand, 18 June 2018. (Unpublished)

Long, Jason (2016) Breakery: High Desert International FF 2016. May 2016. (Submitted)

Long, Jason (2016) Breakery: Hudson Valley Comedy Festival NY USA. June 2016.

Long, Jason (2016) Breakery: Princeton International Film Festival. April 2016.

Long, Jason (2016) Breakery: Texas Independent Film Festival. February 2016.

Citizen, Joe and Nicholls, Simon and Long, Jason and Rogerson-Berry, Megan (2013) Cassandra's voice. Fringe Festival 2013, Creative Waikato.

McConnell, Luke and Foster, Jordan and Long, Jason (2017) Christmas building projection: Trees at the Metero. Hamilton, New Zealand, Incedo Events.

Bannister, Matthew and Long, Jason (2013) Evolver. Powertool Records, July 2013.

Long, Jason (2016) Glimmer. 12 March 2016.

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Long, Jason and Citizen, Joe (2016) Glimmer - Hamilton Fringe 2016. Hamilton Fringe Festival 2016, Band Rotunda, Hamilton, March 2016. (Unpublished)

Citizen, Joe and Long, Jason and Mayall, Jeremy Mark (2016) Glimmer: Interactive installation. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Long, Jason (2012) The Harvest Moon. UNSPECIFIED, 2012.

Citizen, Joe and Elliott, Zena and Nicholls, Antony and Long, Jason (2015) He whare korero, he māramatanga floor talk. He whare kōrero, he māramatanga floor talk, Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand, 10th August to 14th August 2015. (Unpublished)

Citizen, Joe and Elliott, Zena and Nicholls, Antony and Long, Jason (2015) He whare kōrero, he māramatanga. 10 August 2015.

Long, Jason (2016) The Illusion of Reality in Recorded Music. New Zealand Musicological Society Annual Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand University of Waikato, 19-20 November 2016. (Unpublished)

Long, Jason (2016) LOLO (Lift-on, lift-off) Exhibition: Silence is golden [Interactive installation]. Hamilton, New Zealand, Waikato Museum.

Long, Jason (2012) Lullaby. UNSPECIFIED, 2012.

Citizen, Joe and Long, Jason (2014) Oh yes we are. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Long, Jason and Parry, Samantha (2018) Playfair - EP. Apple, 6 December 2018.

Long, Jason (2017) Progress Junction, by Sneaky Feelings. powertool records, 15 October 2017.

Citizen, Joe and Macpherson, Kent and Long, Jason and Nicholls, Simon and Nelson, Paul (2013) Revolutionary Acts. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Long, Jason (2017) Ring road traffic data visualization. 1 September 2017. (Unpublished)

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Long, Jason and Reynolds, Julia (2017) Shepherd - Live score performance. SHEPHERD: Pre-screening with Live Score, Wintec, Hamilton, NZ, APRIL 2017.

Long, Jason (2017) Shepherd: Live score performance. Hamilton, New Zealand, Wintec.

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Long, Jason and Reynolds, Julia (2018) Shepherd: Premiere [with live score performance]: HGAF2018. 15 February 2018.

Long, Jason (2018) Shepherd: Sound design. 1 March 2018.

Citizen, Joe and Long, Jason (2016) Silence is Golden. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

McConnell, Luke and Foster, Jordan and Long, Jason (2016) Solo - Projection Mapping. December 2016.

Citizen, Joe and Cook, David and Long, Jason and Macpherson, Kent and McConnell, Luke and Nelson, Paul and Nicholls, Simon and Purdom, Mark and Veling, Tim J. and Williams, Naomi V and Young, Stefanie A (2014) Survey Hamilton. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Long, Jason (2016) Tales of Nikolai Gogol (Excerpts). UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Citizen, Joe and Hattingh, Gert and Fendall, Andy and Long, Jason (2016) The Waikato Matrix. 11 August 2016.

Long, Jason (2012) The Wind Blows Our Words Away. UNSPECIFIED, 2012.

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Long, Jason and Braae, Nick (2016) Zeitgeist - David Bowie Arrangements. Zeitgeist: BOWIE, The Meteor, Hamilton, June 2016.

Long, Jason (2017) A city takes shape. Linking The City Exhibition, Waikato Museum.

Long, Jason and Nelson, Paul and Macpherson, Kent and Mayall, Jeremy Mark (2017) #electronicaunplugged. April 2017.

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