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Pant, Neha (2021) Masters Dissertation: How can the concept of online misogyny be used to explain the attempts to silence women journalists through online abuse that targets their gender to attack their work? Masters Research Project: 5Ws and 1H of online abuse experiences of women journalists in India. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Sebastian, Anju Vallomparambil (2021) Digital marketing factors that impact on Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Thomas, Alex (2021) Factors affecting the uptake of Natural language processing within the New Zealand Law System. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Rani, Neha (2021) Impact of mobile technology on students’ achievements in higher education. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Meet, Makhija (2021) Influence of service quality dimensions on eCommerce in India. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Kaur, Sandeep (2021) Online learning factors that influence the student’s learning outcomes. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Ouseph , Sanjo Vincent Vadakkechundeveli (2021) ‘Samthripthi’: A new product tating model based on customer reviews. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Komal, Komal (2021) Student experience with online education system. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Rana, Diksha (2021) Technology factors that impact users on social media for social networking on Facebook. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Wang, Yanan (2021) Using YOLO in detecting and localising morepork sounds. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Liu, Xilei (2021) The factors that influence IT professionals to use data visualization tools in China and New Zealand. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Herath, Thilini Bhagya Gothami (2021) The recommended cybersecurity practices for Facebook users from users’ point of view. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Dent, Timothy (2021) A repertoire of contemporary pipe band drum scores. Graduate student work (Submitted)

Thallapureddy, Mounika (2021) A review of factors influencing open source software adoption by users in IT profession. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Bigham, Aidan and Ryan, Leanne (2020) How might we create environments that enable aged persons to thrive? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Nel, Candice (2020) How is the heroine’s journey seen in the narrative structure of Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of OZ and A Wrinkle in Time? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Watson, Amanda (2020) Painting encounters with the land. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

MacKenzie, Morag (2020) The Development of the Enrolled Nurse Role in the Waikato Tainui Region, Aotearoa New Zealand. Graduate student work (Submitted)

Friedlander, Ruth (2020) How do artists and filmmakers seek to represent the human connection to landscape in their work, and in what ways do these artworks evoke a natural sublime? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Chia , Elizabeth (2020) How does John Cage’s notion of chance in Silence (1961) compare to Bergson’s in Two Sources of Morality and Religion (1932)? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Davis, Chris (2020) How has Hollywood glamour within cinema influenced staged portraiture within contemporary photography? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Bala, Suman (2020) Impact on the airline industry of customer complaints filed through social media. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Liu, Yahong (2020) Influential factors for the choice of ECommerce in Shenzhen (China). Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Strawbridge, Deearn (2020) Research theory essay. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Jayapalan, Gayathri (2020) Role of business analysts in organizations. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Sugumaran, Richard Philip (2020) Transmedia storytelling in the public sphere. Graduate student work

Samarakoon, H.M. Isuru Buddhike (2020) User acceptance of e-government services in Sri Lanka. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Barbosa, Diego Ribeiro (2020) What aspects related to the carnivalesque can be found in African-Brazilian manifestations of Nego Fugido and Caretas do Acupe as part of their strategies of subversion and resistance? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Dave, Karmin Nrupesh (2020) A study of the applications and challenges of digital assistants. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Bhullar, Harjit Kaur (2020) A study of the customer experience of supermarket online ordering services. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

van Zyl, Hendrik (2019) A Transdisciplinary Implementation of Sustainable Agricultural Principles in the Waikato Region of New Zealand. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Adaikina, Alena (2018) Comparing the effect of task-oriented intervention program vs. strength training program in improving motor proficiency in children aged 8-12 years with developmental coordination disorder (DCD): A randomized controlled pilot study. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Banu Noor Mohammed, Farah (2018) Use of commercial gaming console WII for rehabilitation of hand impairments in young adults with Cerebral Palsy. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Hucker, Holly (2018) The effects of strength training on muscle wasting, fat mass and quality of life in men with Prostate Cancer undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy: a meta-analysis. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Syrett, Nicola (2017) Research Methodology. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Wade-Lajunen, Dylan (2017) Music, inner peace and social harmony: How music and the popular musician assist in the cultivation of inner peace and social harmony. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Huxut, Naheya (2017) Naheya Huxut, Master's Student Practical video production. Traditional and contemporary Mongolian culture represented in documentary. Graduate student work

Carter, Kelsy (2016) supervision of honours student research. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Marrett, Richard (2016) "Sing with Liz Callaway". Graduate student work

Gu, Wei (Laura) (2016) 'Spiritual Journey' A suite of music to accompany a graphic Novel by Mingyu Zhang. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Wilkinson, Laura (2016) A cross-sectional study of breech birth in New Zealand, 2000-2014. Masters Project. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Mandelberg, John and Geng, Zetian (2015) Masters Zetian Geng (Tony). Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Mandelberg, John and Barron, Jessica (2015) Master of Arts (Communication endorsement)Jessica Soutar Barron. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Millward, Laura (2015) Masters of professional management: International hospitality. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Owen, Wanda (2015) What structural factors will the proposed colorectal cancer screening programme need to consider to ensure equity of update for Maori? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Carter, Lynn J. (2010) Am I doing the right thing? Plunket nurses' experience in making decisions to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Graduate student work

Nicholls, Antony (2010) Aletheia and art. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Dobbs, Caleb W. (2010) Effect of variable resistance training on lower limb strength and power development: A training study. Graduate student work

Harper, Cindy (2009) Critical analysis of the discourse of competence in professional nursing practice. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Chileshe, Wendy (2009) Experience of a foreign educated nurse: An autoethnography. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Clarkson, Megan (2009) Leadership and management in nursing: Concepts analysis. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Stratton, Jenny (2009) Lived experiences of an advanced practice nurse in a rural New Zealand emergency department. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Magon, Alice and France, Adrian (2009) How are accountant stereotypes portrayed in movies available to the New Zealand public since 2000? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Atkin, Rachel (2008) Discourses of deficiency: An analysis of the critical care outreach literature. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Dawson, Anna Louise (2008) Same person different nurse: A study of the relationship between nurse and patient based on the experience of shifting from secondary care to home-based nursing. Graduate student work (Unpublished)

Tustin-Payne, Wendy (2008) Self esteem, competence assessment and nurses ability to write reflectively: Is there any connection? Graduate student work (Unpublished)

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