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Mandelberg, John (2013) Moving image end of year showcase 2nd year, 3rd year & post graduate screening. 26 November 2013. []

Goel, Kashish and Longhurst, Glynis (2013) Effect of Nintendo Wii-Fit training on balance and risk of fall in elderly people versus traditional balance training exercises. 16 October 2013. []

Marshall, Tammy and France, Adrian (2012) Research project in accounting: Successful accountants in business. 2012. []

Du, Mingzhang and France, Adrian (2012) Research project in accounting: The impact of budgeting procession performance in Chinese SMEs. 2012. []

Way, Justine and France, Adrian (2012) Research project in accounting: Work study balance. 2012. []

Walker, Richard (2012) Ring road poster exhibition. 2012. (Unpublished) []

Berry, Megan (2011) An exploration of the singer-songwriter genre: 'Singer-songwriters, gender and sexuality: Tomboys in Australasian popular music'. December 2011. (Submitted) []

Burns, Karen Mary Bernadette (2011) Bound to please: The 'presence' of the philistine: Sarah Lucas unleashes the ghost in contemporary art. 2011. (Submitted) []

Hickey, Nathan and France, Adrian (2011) Management leadership style impact on organisation culture in an accounting firm context. 2011. []

Watson, Amy and France, Adrian (2011) Successful women in accountancy: A study to identify characteristics and strategies of successful women accountants. 2011. []

Shaw, Russell Graham (2011) This is not a landscape: (This a way of seeing): Intercourse with the landscape. 2011. (Submitted) []

Thompson, Lora (2010) Swamp dredge: Research into grunge. December 2010. (Submitted) []

Duffield, Deborah (2010) Ce qu’on voit dans les rues = That which one sees in the streets. November 2010. (Submitted) []

Kraenzlin, Jan Nicholas (2010) Foucault vs. U2: An exploration of music and meaning. November 2010. (Submitted) []

Grant, Alexander Neill (2010) Popular culture and church musical practice. November 2010. (Submitted) []

Zvorwadza, Gilbert and France, Adrian (2010) The portrayal of accountants in popular New Zealand newspapers. 2010. []

Chen, Chen and France, Adrian (2009) How accountants are portrayed in high profile New Zealand newspapers. 2009. []

Magon, Alice and France, Adrian (2009) How are accountant stereotypes portrayed in movies available to the New Zealand public since 2000? 2009. []

Crabtree, Jen and France, Adrian (2008) How selected primary schools in the Waikato manage their financial resources of limited government funding in order to effectively meet their schools objectives. 2008. []

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