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Mandelberg, John (2013) Moving image end of year showcase 2nd year, 3rd year & post graduate screening. 26 November 2013.

Goel, Kashish and Longhurst, Glynis (2013) Effect of Nintendo Wii-Fit training on balance and risk of fall in elderly people versus traditional balance training exercises. 16 October 2013.

Marshall, Tammy and France, Adrian (2012) Research project in accounting: Successful accountants in business. 2012.

Du, Mingzhang and France, Adrian (2012) Research project in accounting: The impact of budgeting procession performance in Chinese SMEs. 2012.

Way, Justine and France, Adrian (2012) Research project in accounting: Work study balance. 2012.

Walker, Richard (2012) Ring road poster exhibition. 2012. (Unpublished)

Berry, Megan (2011) An exploration of the singer-songwriter genre: 'Singer-songwriters, gender and sexuality: Tomboys in Australasian popular music'. December 2011. (Submitted)

Burns, Karen Mary Bernadette (2011) Bound to please: The 'presence' of the philistine: Sarah Lucas unleashes the ghost in contemporary art. 2011. (Submitted)

Hickey, Nathan and France, Adrian (2011) Management leadership style impact on organisation culture in an accounting firm context. 2011.

Watson, Amy and France, Adrian (2011) Successful women in accountancy: A study to identify characteristics and strategies of successful women accountants. 2011.

Shaw, Russell Graham (2011) This is not a landscape: (This a way of seeing): Intercourse with the landscape. 2011. (Submitted)

Thompson, Lora (2010) Swamp dredge: Research into grunge. December 2010. (Submitted)

Duffield, Deborah (2010) Ce qu’on voit dans les rues = That which one sees in the streets. November 2010. (Submitted)

Kraenzlin, Jan Nicholas (2010) Foucault vs. U2: An exploration of music and meaning. November 2010. (Submitted)

Grant, Alexander Neill (2010) Popular culture and church musical practice. November 2010. (Submitted)

Zvorwadza, Gilbert and France, Adrian (2010) The portrayal of accountants in popular New Zealand newspapers. 2010.

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