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Bosu, Michael Franklin, (2018) Adoption of serverless architecture. November 2018.

Bosu, Michael Franklin, (2018) Automation of the risk management process. November 2018.

Bosu, Michael Franklin, (2018) Hipflask optimization. November 2018.

Bosu, Michael Franklin, (2018) Improving Wintec’s IT security policy & cybersecurity policy to implement in the wider context of the educational industry. November 2018.

Bosu, Michael Franklin, (2018) Investigation of data-driven digital marketing process for Website Angels. November 2018.

Rajendran, Dileep, (2018) IT infrastructure. 26 June 2018.

Rajendran, Dileep, (2018) Project management software (Project management, transition, training and support, Trello, NAS). 26 June 2018.

Valle, Arthur, (2018) Analysis and management of Information Technology in Epilepsy New Zealand (ENZ). 23 June 2018.

Valle, Arthur, (2018) Effective use of Information Technology in Epilepsy New Zealand (ENZ). 23 June 2018.

Chakrabarti, Bhujanga, (2018) Modelling of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (Wind generator). 2018.

Zhou, Hong, (2018) Research and design of a semi-automatic tea leaves sorting system. 2018. (Submitted)

Zhou, Hong, (2018) Thermal expansion temperature reader. 2018.

Whaanga, Hemi and Nock, Sophie and Fester, Anthea, (2018) Tihema, N. L. A. (2018). The teaching, learning and testing of te reo Māori in tertiary institutions in Aotearoa/New Zealand (Thesis, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. 2018.

Talbot, Wendy and Stewart, Angela, (2017) The implementation of the Nurse Practitioner model of care into the acute care setting - High Dependency Unit. 31 July 2017.

Zhou, Hong, (2017) Developing a biomedical device. 2017.

UNSPECIFIED (2016) External examiner for professional supervision. 19 November 2016.

McConnell, Luke, (2016) A gathering of stars, a gathering of stories; He huinga whetū, he huinga kōrero. 13 July 2016.

McClunie-Trust, Patricia , (2016) Being a learner - exploring student experiences of dialogue with nurse lecturers during clinical practicum: a phenomenological study. 2016.

Williams, Gareth and De Salis, Georgie, (2015) Keep Smiling. 7 December 2015.

Croucher, Tim, (2015) Presence; a reflection on journeys in the Philippines. an independent studio research project in Painting towards a Master of Arts by Julie McGowan. March 2015.

Croucher, Tim, (2015) Shifting Moments; supervision of a research project toward Master of Arts in painting. March 2015.

Croucher, Tim, (2015) Independent research project in painting - Brigid Allan. February 2015.

Burden, SB, (2015) The Y-Balance Test: Identifying weakness among older population. 2015.

Burden, SB, (2015) The effect of hypermobility on joint position sense in female artistic gymnasts. 2015.

Burden, SB, (2015) The effects of core strengthening on Lower Back injuries in female hockey players. 2015.

Haycock, Eric, (2014) Strategy for viable, sustainable urban agriculture in a dynamic, urbanising society. 3 November 2014. (Unpublished)

Haycock, Eric, (2014) Assessment of customer needs and customer satisfaction at Krugersdorp Game Reserve. 24 March 2014. (Unpublished)

Haycock, Eric, (2014) The feasibility of rainwater and stormwater harvesting within a winter rainfall climate context: A commercial building focus. 18 March 2014. (Unpublished)

Bannister, M, (2014) Bergson and painting by Brigid Allan. 2014.

Bannister, M, (2014) Bergson’s duration and photography by Ulrike Schaefer. 2014.

Gheitais, Alireza and Hugan, Debbie, (2014) Development of an automatic robotic cleaning system for photovoltaic plants. 2014. (Submitted)

Gheitais, Alireza and Hugan, Debbie, (2014) Development of wireless monitoring system for photovoltaic panels. 2014. (Submitted)

Bannister, M, (2014) Foucault, the police and Media Arts By Helen Dowling. 2014.

Bannister, M, (2014) He Kura Kāinga: A Treasured Home – Understanding Identity Through Waiata and Haka By Kingi Kiriona. 2014.

Bannister, M, (2014) Peirce’s indexicality and Rachel Whitread’s sculptures by Hermione Prentice. 2014.

Bannister, M, (2014) Technology theory and AI in sci-fi films by Phoebe Shum. 2014.

Bannister, M, (2013) Analysis of ShiBi culture by Cuiqing Huang. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Bergson’s Creative Evolution and the Arts by Vera Bucsu. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Food, Multiculture, Immigration by Dan Zhu. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) How has technology influenced musical creativity and composition? By Brogan King. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Masculinity and comic books by Craig McClure. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Moko, Maori identity, Hall and Tapsell by Geoff Horton. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Music and copyright by Marty Kroon. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Music in Documentary by John Zhou. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Musical comparison of Dark Side of the Moon and Crime of the Century by Fabian Roberts. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Picture books and child development by Julie McGowan. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Play and creativity in popular/folk music by Megan Berry. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Tagg’s film music theory and North by Northwest by Ricky Oatham. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Takutaku Incantation as Mnemonic Devices of Ako by Tamiaho Herangi-Searancke. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2013) Zhuang original music: the Swfwen Boyaq by Xiang Li. 2013.

Bannister, M, (2012) 1824 = 1967 - The Long Distance Romance between Beethoven and the Beatles by Carl Watkins. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Big Band Jazz – Composing and Arranging by John Page. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Can graphic design be made more socially responsible today? by Kelly Bassett. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Collaborative songwriting in contemporary NZ/Aotearoa by Tony Waine. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Colour theory and film by Sam Li. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Creative manifestos in solo music writing and production by Zed Brookes. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Documentary photography, Moko, female identity by Xiaoxu Zheng. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Epic rock as a genre by Sam Fisher. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Evaluating popular music: Rock canons and the value of playin’ classics.By Paul Methven. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Foucault and Science Fiction films by Jared Stevenson. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Foucault’s discourse, truth and photography by Heather Meyrick. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Gender in music: Nick Cave and female musicians by Emerald Clark. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Globalization and Chinese Immigrants to NZ by Jing Gao. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) How can the principle of prosody be used in contemporary song-writing? by Dave Bishop. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) How has Recording Technologies affected Music Production and The roles of Producer, Musician, Engineer and Audience? by James Ritchie. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) The Influence of New Zealand Chinese-language Print Media to Chinese Diaspora’s Cultural Identification in New Zealand by Jin Liu. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Messianic mediators of meaning – processing the iconic artist. By Dave McArtney. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) Music and NZ Identity Construction by Nick Kraenzlin. 2012.

Bannister, M, (2012) The Value of Rock Music as Entertainment and Rock’s Authenticity By Rod Dalgety. 2012.

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