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Stewart, Angela (2017) Critical Thinking in Nursing: A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Perpetual Paradox. Other thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Lamdin Hunter, Rachel (2017) "She watches over her household": Wellbeing of mothers and children in motherled households. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Song, Wen Jie (2017) Teaching Ethics in Nursing Education – A case study of teaching in a New Zealand tertiary education context. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Wang, Yi (2016) Constructing learner autonomy through control shift: Sociocultural implications of teacher cognition and practice in a Chinese secondary school. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Waretini-Karena, David/Rawiri (2016) National Examiner for Doctoral Thesis. Title: Suicide prevention and intervention. PhD Candidate: Gloria Ryan. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Thorburn, Julie (2016) Masters of Science (Advanced Practice - practice education). Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Collins, Jodie (2015) Resistance training and co-supplementation with creatine and protein in older subjects with frailty: a small-scale exploratory study. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Okoro, Ogechi (2014) Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda for International Oil Companies (IOCs): New Perspectives from Stakeholders in the Niger Delta Region (NDR) of Nigeria. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Wood, Brent (2014) Masters of Management Studies. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Hermann, Fiona (2014) Fit for purpose: assessments undergraduate health degrees. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Silva, Dhammika (2014) The implications of positive psychological capital on leaders of higher educational institutions during challenging and changing times. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Yaghoubi, Reza (2014) Sources of Value in Mergers and Acquisitions. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Waretini-Karena, Rawiri/David (2013) Transforming Māori Experiences of Historical Intergenerational Trauma. PhD thesis, Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi Indigenous University. []

Saravani, Sarah-Jane (2013) Delivering mobile library services: Competency implications for vocational education and training library staff. PhD thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Burden, S. B. and Maulder, P. S. (2013) A biomechanical comparison of the foot strike between running in Vibram Fivefingers® shoes and barefoot / Leah Hutching. Masters thesis, Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand. []

Gheitasi, Alireza (2013) Motors fault recognition using distributed current signature analysis. PhD thesis, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. []

Bocock, Susan Jane (2012) The experiences of teenage mothers in the neonatal unit. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Bishop, David Ronald (2012) Perfect shark music: How can the principle of prosody be used in contemporary song-writing? Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Waine, Anthony Craig (2012) With a lotta' help from my friends: Creativity and collaborative contemporary songwriting in New Zealand / Aotearoa 2011. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Archard, Simon (2012) Democracy through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in an Early Childhood Setting: A Case Study. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Thomas, Josephine (2012) MA (Applied). Masters thesis, University of Waikato, New Zealand. []

Hutching, L and Burden, S. B. (2012) Master's student supervision: Mechanical comparison between barefoot and minimal shoe running during the early stance phase at different velocities / Leah Hutching. Masters thesis, Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand. []

Jensen, Athene (2012) The Starlight Ballroom: A documentary drama from conception to production. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Tuffery, Dawn (2011) The construction of identity in autobiographical animation. Masters dissertation thesis, Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand. []

Carter, Lynn J. (2010) Am I doing the right thing? Plunket nurses' experience in making decisions to report suspected child abuse and neglect. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Sole, Cheryl (2010) Lived experience of a neonatal homecare nurse. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Bolstad, Ngaire (2010) ‘Lived’ experiences of casual agency staff nurses: A meta synthesis of qualitative studies. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Thompson, Tracy (2010) Mothering the technology dependent infant: A review of the literature. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Hockings, Heather Rose (2010) Moving on: An exploration of one nurse's experience of transition from one practice environment to another. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Wallis, Sharyn (2010) Nursing handover research project: How is nursing handover talked about in the literature? Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Finlayson, Lynette (2010) One nurse’s experience of providing care while working within an overcrowded emergency department: An autoethnographic study. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Cowley, Julie (2010) Primary health care nurses caring for people with diabetes: An integrative review of the literature. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Coombes, Sharon Julia (2010) An analysis of triage four and five patients who 'did not wait' out of hours: A critical social theory perspective of one rural emergency department. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Meek, Gillian (2010) Second level nurses: a critical examination of their evolving role in New Zealand healthcare. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Luo, Jingjing (2010) Development of Chinese graphic design in contemporary globalization. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Nicholls, Antony (2010) Aletheia and Art. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

De Mello Costa, M. F. (2010) Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) in horses and its relationship to performance and fitness. PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne. []

Dobbs, Caleb W. (2010) Effect of variable resistance training on lower limb strength and power development: A training study. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Croucher, Paul E. (2010) Effects of an assisted jump training stimulus on explosive performance. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Greenwood, Sallie (2010) Will the real mother please stand up: The ambiguity of maternal doubles. PhD thesis, University of Auckland. []

Downie, Nicole (2010) The journey of leaders. Planned or unplanned? Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED. []

Harper, Cindy (2009) Critical analysis of the discourse of competence in professional nursing practice. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Chileshe, Wendy (2009) Experience of a foreign educated nurse: An autoethnography. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Clarkson, Megan (2009) Leadership and management in nursing: Concepts analysis. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Stratton, Jenny (2009) Lived experiences of an advanced practice nurse in a rural New Zealand emergency department. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Waretini-Karena, David/Rawiri (2009) Maori showbands: Intrepid journeys. Masters thesis, Wintec. []

Atkin, Rachel (2008) Discourses of deficiency: An analysis of the critical care outreach literature. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Dawson, Anna Louise (2008) Same person different nurse: A study of the relationship between nurse and patient based on the experience of shifting from secondary care to home-based nursing. Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

Tustin-Payne, Wendy (2008) Self esteem, competence assessment and nurses ability to write reflectively – Is there any connection? Masters dissertation thesis, Wintec. []

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