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UNSPECIFIED Comparing Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing to Hydrochemistry for understanding groundwater inflows to streams. 43rd IAH CONGRESS, le Corum , Montpellier, France, 25-29th September, 2016.

UNSPECIFIED Effect of Plasma Spraying Process on Microstructure and Microhardness of Titanium Alloy Substrate. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology .



Archard, Simon and Archard, Sara A diversity of digital smartness. A case study of children's uses of Information and Communication Technology in an early childhood setting. In: Digital smarts. Enhancing teaching and learning. WMIER, Hamilton. New Zealand., pp. 27-38. ISBN 978-0-473-32973-0

Azizi, Masoud and Zahiri, Javad and Rafeh, Reza and Eslami, Morteza Detecting False Positive Interactions in Protein-Protein Interaction Data. The 5th Iranian Conference on Bioinformatics, Tehran, Iran, 20-22 May 2014.


Bannister, Matthew Engaging with creativity in research through Bergson. 44th Annual PESA Conference: Education as Philosophies of Engagement, Kingsgate Hotel, Hamilton, New Zealand, 22-25 November, 2014.

Beaton, Angela Expert Review of the National Health and Medical Research Council's (NHMRC Australian Government) draft Information Paper - Water fluoridation: dental and other human health outcomes (Information Paper). National Health and Medical Research Council (Australian Government). (Unpublished)

Berry, Megan 'Gender identity, the queer gaze, and female singer-songwriters' - Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter. In: Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter. Cambridge Companions to Music . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 246-256. ISBN 9781107680913

Bigham, Aidan and Harris, Trudy Disaster week: A case study immersing first year engineering students in a disaster context to measure communication skills. Proceedings of the AAEE2014 Conference Wellington .

Bosu, Michael Franklin and MacDonell, Stephen G. A Taxonomy of Data Quality Challenges in Empirical Software Engineering. Australian Software Engineering Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 4-7 June 2013.


Clarke, Geoffrey Paul ‘Comparative Degrees of Narration’. Blue Roof Museum, UNSPECIFIED.

Clayton, John Association for Learning Technologies: Programme Committee. Association for Learning Technologies.

Clayton, John Peer Review Panel: International Journal of Education and Development. International Journal of Education and Development.

Clayton, John Using standardised rubrics, portfolios and personal learning plans in the workplace. BERA Annual Conference 2015, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland., 15-17 September 2015.


De Mello Costa, M. F. and Couetill, L. Research Externship at Purdue University, USA. not applicable. (Unpublished)


Edwards, Susan Assessing ELLs in New Zealand primary schools: Gaps between the literature, policy, and practice. Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Community Languages and ESOL, 25 . ISSN 1172-9694 (In Press)

Edwards, Susan Documenting the presence of English in the expanding circle: Linguistic landscapes of Santiago, Chile. Linguistic Landscape . ISSN ISSN 2214-9953 (Submitted)

Ewart, Paul The particulate injection moulding fabrication process. Are micro-scale products viable. MaD2018: A Collaborative Future for NZ Manufacturing and Design, ANZ Viaduct Event Centre, 161 Halsey Street, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland., Monday 21 – Tuesday 22 May, 2018.


Feng, Wentao and Reza, Yaghoubi A Strategy for a University Café during Holidays. The Journal of Applied Management Research Ideas . ISSN 2538-1156


Gaddam, Anuroop Designing a Wireless Sensors Network for Monitoring and Predicting Droughts. 8th International Conference on Sensing Technology, Liverpool, UK, 2-4 September 2014.

Gaddam, Anuroop and G, Sen Gupta and Mukhopadhyay, Subhas C Sensors for Smart Homes. In: Human Behavior Recognition Technologies: Intelligent Applications for Monitoring and Security. IGI Global, pp. 130-156. ISBN 9781466636828

Gaddam, Anuroop and Lundqvist, K.O. and Citizen, Joe and Calixto, D.B. IoT and Wireless Sensor Network for Interactive Waka Structure. 2017 Eleventh International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST) . (Submitted)

Gera, Christina Ako Awe: The creation and evolution of a teaching and learning support model. National Tertiary Teaching and Learning Conference. (In Press)

Gera, Christina National Tertiary Teaching and Learning Conference. National Tertiary Teaching and Learning Conference. (Unpublished)

Gera, Christina Vol 1, No 1 (2015): ATLAANZ Journal 2015. ATLAANZ,

Gilkison, Andrea and Pairman, Sally and McAra-Couper, Judith and Kensington, Mary and James, Liz Midwifery education in New Zealand: Education, practice and autonomy. Midwifery .

Greenwood, Sallie Envy in relationships between maternal dyads. The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 1 (7). ISSN 10664807 (In Press)

Greenwood, Sallie and Nielsen, Helen and Wright, Trish Conversations in Context: Cultural Safety and reflexivity in child health. Conversations in Context, Victoria, Canada, 1-4 June 2005.


Harris, Trudy and Phillips, Brent A Multi-Disciplinary Project to Enhance Workplace Readiness. Australasian Association for Engineering Education, Torquay, Victoria, Australia, 6-8 December 2015. (Submitted)

Harrison, Andrew and Kirby, Catherine New Zealand Tree Project. 2016 International Tree Conference and Trade Show, Ft. Worth, TX, 13th to 16th August 2016. (Unpublished)


Jensen, Athene Editor: Outside Voices. Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand.


Kemsley, Karen and Granville, Scott Providing Pastoral Care for academic success in a tertiary environment. CLESOL, Hamilton 2016, Waikato Uni, Hamilton, 15-18 July 2016. (Unpublished)

Kim, Hyun-Chan Foreign Traveller's Driving Behaviour and Crash Patterns: Based on the CAS data analysis. IPENZ NZMUGS 2015 Conference , Auckland, New Zealand, September 10th-11th 2015. (In Press)


Laing, Julia and Lamdin Hunter, Rachel Case Study Methods in Undergraduate Nursing Education. ANEC Co-creating the Future, Auckland, New Zealand, 11-13 November 2015. (Unpublished)

Long, Jason Bowie Zeitgeist. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Long, Jason and Citizen, Joe Lolo Waikato museum - Silence is golden. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Longhurst, Glynis Effects of Zulu stick fighting on health-related physical fitness of prepubescent Zulu males. Effects of Zulu stick fighting on health-related physical fitness of prepubescent Zulu males, 21 (1;1). pp. 32-35. ISSN African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD) Volume 21(1:1), March 2015, pp. 32-45.

Longhurst, Glynis ICPAFR Board Membership. ICPAFR. (Submitted)

Longhurst, Glynis The South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation Editorial Board. The South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreationi. (Unpublished)


Macpherson, Kent and Mayall, Jeremy Mark Spring Adventures in Sound 2016. Spring Adventures in Sound, Nivara Lounge, Hamilton, September 2016. (Unpublished)

Mahdian, Farzaneh and Rafe, Vahid and Rafeh, Reza and Zand Miralvand, Mohammad Reza Considering Faults in Service-Oriented Architecture: A Graph Transformation-Based Approach. International Conference on Computer Technology and Development (ICCTD), Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 13-15 November 2009 .

Marriott, Kim and Nethercote, Nick and Rafeh, Reza and Stuckey, Peter and Garcia de la Banda, Maria and Wallace, Mark The Design of the Zinc Modelling Language. Constraints, 13 (3). pp. 229-267. ISSN 1383-7133

Mayall, Jeremy Mark The Effect of Bundled Sticks on Sound - Auckland Art Gallery Foundation Launch. Auckland Art Gallery Foundation Launch “DADA evening”, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, May 2016.

Mayall, Jeremy Mark The Effect of Bundled Sticks on Sound - NZ Music for Woodwind. New Zealand Music for Woodwind, St. Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington, NZ, March 2016.

Mayall, Jeremy Mark Hine - Basement Theatre. Hine, Basement Theatre, Auckland, June 2016.

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Hamilton, Mark Musical Portraits. Musical Portraits, Wintec, Hamilton, September 2016. (Unpublished)

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Macpherson, Kent Piano and Eggs (1). Piano and Eggs, Creative Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, August 2016. (Unpublished)

Mayall, Jeremy Mark and Williams, Alexander Sonic Cocktails. Sonic Cocktails, Wonderhorse, Hamilton, September 2016. (Unpublished)

McConnell, Luke Research Portfolio Website. Online. (Unpublished)

McNamara, Nancy Collaboration in undergraduate students simulated clinical practice. 4th International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare, San Francisco, USA , 5-7 October 2015.

McNamara, Nancy Including a simulation programme into year one nursing practice. How effective is it in terms of student learning? UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Meade, Xavier Black Sands KASM Patea Exhibition. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Meade, Xavier Ecologies and comparative degrees of narration. Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Meade, Xavier Lo-Lo exhibition. Waikato Museum. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Moridnejad, Maryam and Cameron, Stewart and Moore, Catherine and Shamseldin, Asaad Sensitivity analysis of a one dimensional �heat transport model �in the Ngongotaha Stream, New Zealand. New Zealand hydrological society conference 2015, University of Waikato, 1-4 December 2015.


Otto, Helen E-learning English: bringing the baton to the doorstep. CLESOL 2014: 14th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOL: Essentials for Learning and Teaching:Ko te Pū, ko te Ako, Wellington, NZ, 11– 13 July, 2014., Wellington, New Zealand, 11 - 13 July, 2014.


Phillips, Brent Engineering Distance education projects. Wintec. (Unpublished)

Pichardo, A and Harriso, C and Oliver, J and Maulder, Peter S and Cronin, J and Lloyd, R The relationship between maturation and athletic motor skills in youth males. Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand conference 2017, Cambridge, New Zealand, 13 – 14 October 2017.

Purdom, Mark Ecologies and comparative degrees of narration. Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.


Purdom, Mark I Book Show, Taiga Space, Saint Petersburg, Russia. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Purdom, Mark International Photography Awards 2016. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Purdom, Mark International Photography Awards 2017. Gas Station #3 23/3/17 - Awarded an Honorable Mention in the Special - Night Photography category. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Purdom, Mark LO-LO Exhibition, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Purdom, Mark National Contemporary Art Award 2015. National Contemporary Art Award 2015, 34.

Purdom, Mark Open Book Exhibition at the Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Purdom, Mark Open Book exhibition at RM Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Purdom, Mark Photograph 'Final Stage' exhibited in Linking the City, Waikato Museum, Hamilton. September 2 - October 16, 2017. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.


Rafeh, Reza and Arbabi, Mohammad Data Mining Techniques to Diagnose Diabetes Using Blood Lipids. Journal of Ilam University . ISSN 1563-4728

Rafeh, Reza and Bahrehmand, Arash An adaptive approach to dealing with unstable behaviour of users in collaborative filtering systems. Journal of Information Science , 38 (3). pp. 205-221.

Ryan, Jonathon and Forrest, Leslie Teaching turn-taking. Modern English Teacher, 24 (4).


Senior, Wayne L Concert of Christmas choral works performance with North Shore Camerata. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.

Senior, Wayne L Concert performance of choral works by Olsson, Vivaldi and Handel. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Senior, Wayne L Concert performance of works including Messa Di Gloria (Puccini). UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Senior, Wayne L and Senior, Wayne L International publication of Arrangement of "And All That Jazz" for symphony orchestra an voices., UNSPECIFIED.

Shokri, Ali and Bardsley, William Earl Development, testing and application of DrainFlow: A fully distributed integrated surface-subsurface flow model for drainage study. Advances in Water Resources .

Sidwell, David and Mandelberg, John and Senior, Wayne L Tales of Nikolai Gogol, Piano/Vocal Score. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Sidwell, David and Mandelberg, John and Senior, Wayne L Tales of Nikolai Gogol, Website. Facebook.

Stanfield, Deborah Social work and social media in Aotearoa New Zealand PhD Research Proposal Deb Stanfield Liz Beddoe and Ian Hyslop (supervisors) School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work. School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, the University of Auckland. (Unpublished)

Stanfield, Deborah Social workers and social media in changing times: Look out you rock ‘n rollers. Social Work in Changing Times: Towards better outcomes. Conference held at Massey University, , Palmerston North, New Zealand, , 18 - 19th Nov 2016.. (Unpublished)


Taylor, Beverly Strengthening industry and academic relationships through the Research Development (RDT) Scheme. WelTec and Whitireia Joint Research Symposium: Strengthening Relationships, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, 20 November, 2014. (Unpublished)


van der Weerden, Antoinette Integrating indigenous wetland flora into the urban ecosystem. National Wetland Symposium 2016, Nelson, Feb 11-12, 2016. (Submitted)


Walker, Richard and Riddle, Charles The year-long internship: Using real-world experience to mentor students towards a marketable skill set. Journalism: Challenges and opportunities, Wellington, 17-18 December, 2015. (Submitted)

Waretini-Karena, David/Rawiri Maori experiences of historical intergenerational trauma. Responding to Maori deficit statistics. Presentation to funder. Dr Rawiri Waretini-Karena. (Submitted)

Waretini-Karena, Rawiri/David Presenter - Verbatim: Act of Murder 2014. Written by William Brandt, devised by William Brandt and Miranda Harcourt, The University of Auckland. (Submitted)

Waretini-Karena, Rawiri/David Supervisor of Masters thesis: Masters graduate, 2nd class honours. Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi, Whakatane. (Submitted)


Young, Stefanie A Blue Roof Gallery exhibition - Chengdu, China. UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED.


Zhou, Hong Microstructure characterization of thermal barrier coatings glazed by a high powder laser. Key Engineering Materials .

Zhou, Hong Proposal of notch strengthening threshold criterion for ductile cast iron and relationship between notch strengthening threshold and mechanical property. IOP materials science and engineering, Online. (Submitted)

Zhou, Hong Titanium and Titanium alloy Coatings for Corrosion Protection. Proceedings of the 12th World Conference on Titanium .

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