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Designers Institute of New Zealand - Best Design Awards 2018.


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The Designers Institute of New Zealand, Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design.
Mark Purdom's Mimetic was selected as a finalist in the graphic design - editorial and books category 2018. The book was designed by Alan Deare of Area Design.
'Mimetic started out as being a stripped back sampler and playful reference to the artist’s previous publication, From Certainty to Doubt. It was decided to expand the scope and introduce some of Purdom’s process/research as an alternate journey within the publication, along with the addition of new work.
There are three different stocks in the publication. The coated stock being a metaphor for the ‘final selected, articulated work of the artist’ — an idea that is fluid and contentious as some of the photographer’s process work ends up on these pages.
The Cyber Green stock references the outrageous notion of the fluorescent camouflage vest or the absurd synthetic qualities that manufactured ‘organic’ forms imitate (the plastic leaf or faux rock) or the garishly dyed sprayed-on grass seeds.
The uncoated stock and reduced format was purely about the random and poetic quality of research and artistic process. These pages do not have folios and the publication is unbound, suggesting they can be re-organised — referencing the creative process of research and its interplay with the finished work. Indeed, these pages also contain some of the artist’s earlier finished work, causing the viewer to think about the role of self-referencing and the artist’s own habitual exploration of memesis. The loose-leaf quality of these pages also reminded us of the artist’s research: file boxes were supplied to us filled with photocopied military documents, newspaper and magazine clippings, Google location maps, Polaroids, test prints, inkjet prints of downloaded content and other such ephemera that influenced the aesthetic and conceptual direction of the project.
The cover is emblazoned with an ISBN number which mimics the pseudo-science and categorisation of the military content that the artist procured during his research. It playfully manipulates the conventional expectation that the photographic content should be represented in some form on the publication cover.'

Item Type: Fashion or graphic designs
Uncontrolled Keywords: best design awards, graphic design, photography, digital photography, from certainty to doubt, mark purdom, camouflage, mimicry, photo book, designers institute of new zealand, DINZ, DINZ 2018.
Subjects: N Fine Arts > N Visual arts (General) For photography, see TR
N Fine Arts > NE Print media
T Technology > TR Photography
Divisions: Schools > School of Media Arts
Depositing User: Mark Purdom
Date Deposited: 08 Oct 2018 19:49
Last Modified: 21 Jul 2023 07:25

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