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'Tales Of Nikolai Gogol' Orchestration


[thumbnail of First letter To Mama score] PDF (First letter To Mama score)
4. First Letter to Mama Finale 2012.pdf - Published Version

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4. First Letter to Mama.mp3

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[thumbnail of Nevsky Prospekt.pdf] PDF (Nevsky Prospekt.pdf)
5. Nevsky Prospekt score.pdf

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5. Nevsky Prospekt.mp3

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[thumbnail of Pirogov and Piskarev Meet.pdf] PDF (Pirogov and Piskarev Meet.pdf)
6. Pirogov & Piskarev Meet - Score.pdf

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[thumbnail of Pirogov and Piskarev Meet.mp3] Audio (MP3) (Pirogov and Piskarev Meet.mp3)
6. Pirogov & Piskarev Meet.mp3

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[thumbnail of The Blonde's Song.pdf] PDF (The Blonde's Song.pdf)
14. The Blonde's Song.pdf

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14. The Blonde's Song.mp3

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[thumbnail of Second Letter To Mama.pdf] PDF (Second Letter To Mama.pdf)
20.Second Letter To mama - Score.pdf

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20.Second Letter to Mama.mp3

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[thumbnail of A Single Glance.pdf] PDF (A Single Glance.pdf)
22.A Single Glance - Score.pdf

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22. A single glance Finale 2012.mp3

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[thumbnail of They Dance.pdf] PDF (They Dance.pdf)
28.They Dance - Score.pdf

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28.They dance.mp3

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[thumbnail of The Things We Scribblers Write.pdf] PDF (The Things We Scribblers Write.pdf)
39.The Things We Scribblers Write Gogol - Voice.pdf

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39.The Things We Scribblers Write.mp3

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[thumbnail of List of contents] PDF (List of contents)

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Orchestration of full score for Music Theatre work 'Tales Of Nikolai Gogol' for premier live performance at the Clarence Street Theatre, Hamilton, Sat Feb 20 2016.
The original one act version (2012 - for rhythm section and strings) was expanded to two acts which comprised 41 separate scores. I collaborated with composer David Sidwell on appropriate instrumentation to score his piano and vocal scores and the final versions were orchestrated for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, F Horn, Trombone, Piano and Keyboard 2, Guitar, Bass, Drums, soloists and and chorus.
I proposed the adoption of 2 'alter-ego' voices for the tormented character of artist Piskarev: solo violin depicts his romantic vision of "She" while an angst-ridden heavily distorted guitar depicts his anguish.
I was honoured to be asked to compose two pieces for the work: "Ti Sento Qui" for characters Princess Volkonskaya and Nikolai Gogol and "The Secret" sung by Pisarev's love interest "SHE".
NB. As the mp3 files are computer generated from Finale music software files the simulated vocal lines do not contain lyrics.

Item Type: Composition
Uncontrolled Keywords: Sidwell, Mandelberg, Senior, orchestration, Nikolai Gogol, music theatre,
Subjects: M Music and Books on Music > M Music
Divisions: Schools > School of Media Arts
Depositing User: Wayne Senior
Date Deposited: 16 Mar 2017 21:19
Last Modified: 21 Jul 2023 04:30

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